The Repressive System of the Anti-Belarusian Regime is Purposively Destroying the Health of thePolitical Prisoner Mr. Siarhei Kavalenka

posted Jan 21, 2012, 9:40 AM by Адміністратар Навін


             January 11, 2012 we have received the information that the member of the Conservative Christian Party – Belarusian Popular Front Mr. Siarhei Kavalenka is imprisoned in the punishment cell (a cell with the very hard conditions) in the prison in Vitebsk. The prison’s administration has imprisoned in the punishment cell a prisoner which had get in hunger-strike since December 19, 2011. Mr. Siarhei Kavalenka’s life is in danger.

            The regime is continuing to torture Mr. S. Kavalenka. January 12, 2012 Mr. S. Kavalenka has been transported from the punishment cell to the judicial process based on the false accusations. The repressive system processed the prisoner which is continuing the hunger-strike during the last 25 days and is imprisoned in the punishment cell during the last 8 days. Mr. S. Kavalenka’s mother and wife have demanded to stop the tortures and send him to the hospital but the judge has ordered to remove them from the court-room. Mr. S. Kavalenka has been transported from the court-room again to the punishment cell.

            The anti-Belarusian regime is cynically violating the Law and is using the tortures in order to break Mr. S. Kavalenka. The regime is violating the international Law too. In accordance with the international Law is forbidden to torture or judge a person which is helpless and needs the urgent medical assistance.

            Since the first days of January this year we have transmitted the information on the illegal process and tortures used against Mr. S. Kavalenka to the embassies and governments of the democratic states in Europe and America. But until recently nobody from the democratic state bodies or politicians didn’t express the protest against this fact of the harsh reprisals against the Belarusian patriot whose unique “fault” is the patriotism and the public demonstration of the Belarusian national symbols.

            Unfortunately we observe the lack of the real solidarity with the Belarusian people from the professional politicians but we continue the struggle against the anti-popular regime for democracy. We hope that the civil societies in the democratic countries will understand and support the Belarusian patriots.


            The Soim of the Conservative Christian Party – Belarusian Popular Front


            January 15, 2012