posted Dec 29, 2010, 7:13 PM by Адміністратар Навін   [ updated Dec 29, 2010, 7:17 PM by Адміністратар Навін ]
On the 19th of December, 2010, dictator Alexander Lukashenka once again seized political power in the Republic of Belarus through violent means.

On that day, an election for the presidency was to take place, but this did not happen.

What did take place was the worst kind of falsification of election results achieved through unprecedented administrative pressure on voters. Such pressures manifested in early advance [rigged] voting; control of the Internet, and the use of fear tactics.

Citizens of Belarus numbering in the thousands, who were well aware of the electoral falsification, poured out into the streets of Minsk with the intent of peacefully expressing their protest and deep disagreement with the falsified results of the campaign. In accordance with the Declaration of Human Rights, the Belarusan people, who are bereft of any constitutional opportunity to change the present political power structure, do possess the right to change it through peaceful protest en masse.

Without even awaiting to hear the initial voting results, one of the candidates — more precisely, the incumbent president of the country, dictator Lukashenka, took advantage of his ruling position and planned out and prepared in advance provocations that would be carried out by armed forces, resulting in brutal beatings against the protestors on the main city square. The police and regiments of special forces were thrown with impunity at the participants of this street meeting. The army was also deployed, an organ that is to be used only for the defense and protection of the country from foreign enemies.

Following the massive repressive acts against common voters and the break-up of the peaceful demonstration, incumbent dictator Lukashenka again seized power and reinstated his subservient junta to their respective positions of power. Those who participated in the protest were forcefully taken off the streets and thrown behind bars by the hundreds, candidates running for president were viciously beaten, wounded and arrested. Candidate Uladzimir Niakliayeu was beaten to the point of loss of consciousness even before voting polls were closed and was unable to get to the city square where the protest was taking place. Later he was taken by KGB agents from the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Furthermore, members of the presidential candidates' campaign teams and their initiating groups, many of them being journalists, were beaten and arrested.

The forceful putting down of the nation's will was conducted through calculated bloody confrontation. The only thing that people were demanding were new, truly democratic and fair elections.

Following the events of this “Bloody Sunday”, acts of terror continue to be perpetrated against those who oppose all that has taken place. Massive arrests of individuals continue along with home searches and office searches of citizens' organizations. People are exposed to beatings, tortured in prisons, and tactics of psychological pressure are being freely used. Lawyers are being prevented from meeting with their imprisoned clients.

We, members of Belarusian civil organizations both abroad and in Belarus, and people, who do not remain indifferent to the fate of Belarus, appeal to all international organizations, political authorities of the world's countries and international civil societies to support us in our struggle to rid Belarus of Lukashenka's dictatorial regime and grant the Belarusian people the opportunity to establish their own free democratic society and existence.

We request that you:
· refrain from recognizing dictator Lukashenka and his junta as true representatives of legitimate political power in the Republic of Belarus and consider the events that took place on the 19th of December, 2010, as an act of unlawful power seizure with the application of respective judicial consequences.
· demand immediate freeing of individuals who were imprisoned for taking part in the peaceful protest demonstration on December 19th, 2010.
· demand that normal conditions be set up in Belarus for conducting a new democratic presidential election without the participation of citizen Lukashenka.
· support our intention to begin criminal proceedings, with the assistance of civil rights organizations, against Alexander Lukashenka and his subservient helpers on the factual basis of unlawful violent dealings against those who participated in the peaceful act of protest opposing falsification of the election and its purported results, and for other criminal acts that have been perpetrated by this regime upon citizens of Belarus during its many years of rule.
· refrain from using the term “President Lukashenka” or “Ruler of the Belarusian State”, and instead use only his name “Alexander Lukashenka” or “citizen Lukashenka.”

The burning question that faces us today is, why did Lukashenka act as he did? In our view, this was made possible as a result of a two-sided policy, practiced both by the West and the East.

The West's international political policies towards dictator Lukashenka (warming up to him, suggesting that he slowly change his dictatorial form of rule to a more democratic one) have clearly failed. This kind of action in reality loosens the dictator's hands to further curtail the process of democratization. On the basis of past performance, Lukashenka feels that, no matter how he acts, what laws he breaks, what criminal acts he performs, what violence he throws at the Belarusian people, the international community will forgive him in all such cases. Furthermore, given some time following his repressive acts, countries will again lend him millions which will be used to strengthen his regime. He will again be prepared to use those imprisoned as hostages with the intention of gaining recognition from leaders of Western countries and the eventual removal of sanctions imposed by them.

We express our deepest thanks to the government of the United States of America which immediately recognized the announced results of the presidential election in Belarus as invalid.Many other countries condemned the brutal actions by dictatorial Belarusian authorities, including Canada, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Czech Republic and others.

At the same time the government of Russia and the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church congratulated Lukashenka with his supposed electoral victory, recognizing its results as valid and offering support to Lukashenka's criminal actions. Over the past few days it has been openly stated that material support has been coming in for dictator Lukashenka from Russia.

With great sadness and grave concern we make note of the fact that congratulatory messages for Lukashenka's supposed victory have come from the governments of China, Iran, Venezuela and other countries' leaders who show an affinity to Lukashenka's regime.

We appeal to all democratic international communities and societies in the world to demand more than lip service to the following of democratic principles in governance. We await not only declarations, but concrete actions that will be taken against today's criminal governing regime in Belarus. We take it upon ourselves to state that severe sanctions against Lukashenka and his junta will not make the situation for the Belarusian nation any worse than it is today.